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Naomi Irons
12 min readApr 26, 2022

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You’ve done the hard work of writing a blog. Now it’s time to get eyes on your article! In this post I’m sharing 15 things to do before and after you hit publish on a blog post.

As content creators we recognize that writing a post is only half of the work. I love the feeling of creating a well crafted post and hitting the publish button! If you’re like me, you love creating amazing content for your readers. Beyond writing the post we want to make sure it gets seen and read!

Before you ever hit publish there are some key elements to put in place in your blog post. Be sure to read to the end and grab my free blog post publishing checklist.

Before you hit publish on a blog post

Before you ever hit publish on a post there’s a few key details to pay attention to. From writing a powerful headline to including CTA’s, I walking you through my process from start to finish.

Start with a powerful headline

There are a couple key factors to consider when writing a compelling blog post title. Is it searchable…



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