How to Create an Inviting Atmosphere in Your Home

Naomi Irons
5 min readFeb 16, 2018


Having a happy, warm, and cozy home is the best feeling ever. A home that invites my guests in from the moment they step through the door is always my goal. From family and friends to first time visitors I want them to feel at ease and comfortable in my space. I’m so excited to share how I create an inviting atmosphere in my home. An inviting home reflects you and communicates to guests this is a place they can be themselves too. I’ve watched other women create inviting homes, felt welcomed in and put at ease by their hospitality.

What it is that makes someone’s home to inviting to us? As you create this ambiance think about what greets you when you first walk in the door. I want an inviting atmosphere in my home for my guests, but I also want it for myself. That starts at the front door and when done intentionally continues all throughout your house. I love that feeling when I first get home, that feeling that says I can be at ease. Move through out your home and really think about how each space makes you feel when you are in it. Ask yourself what makes you feel invited into a space. Today I’m sharing four simple ideas on how to create an inviting atmosphere in your home. These four tips give me all the cozy feels and I hope they’ll help you add warmth and an air of joyful hospitality throughout your home.

Use texture for warmth and definition:

Use throw blankets and pillows as comfy accents on chairs and couches. I want people to settle in. Kick off their shoes. Snuggle up under a blanket and relax. Consider placing a pillow on the floor against a chair or couch so people know it’s okay to also remove pillows. Mix and match patterns while using neutrals for balance. I like to highlight a few key color schemes and have pops of colors for accent.

I have all hardwood floors so rugs are a must for me. A rug gives the room texture as well defines areas for people to gather in. Even on carpet a rug is still a nice addition to a space. For added texture in a room use a woven basket to store extra throws in plain sight. I also rearrange my furniture depending on the event I am hosting. Open up a seating area by shifting furniture to fit all your guests in one space or create several gathering spots for people to move in and out of.

Minimize the clutter:

Nothing makes me feel more overwhelmed than a bunch of stuff. I have a lot of knick knacks, but I’ve learned that doesn’t mean they all have to be out at the same time. Rotate pieces in and out. Use select decor seasonally. Have a purpose for each item on display. Group design elements together for flow and put anything that doesn’t fit away for later. If decor elements don’t fit in your home or your style anymore it may be time to part with them for good. When entertaining do a quick declutter before guests arrive. Go for lived in, but not overwhelming. By minimizing the clutter you give the eyes a break making a space automatically enjoyable to be in.

Create a cozy vibe with candles:

I go around my house lighting candles to make spaces through out my home more inviting. At home alone or entertaining I love having candles light up a room. Candles make spaces cozy, happy and relaxing, don’t they? When I’m having guests over I have candles going in every room. It creates a beautiful ambiance and warm lighting. I also love getting new candles! Like this Watermill Candle by Odeme. It’s not only modern, made out of vegetable wax, it smells amazing (even when it’s not lit). I’m always looking for pieces that fit my aesthetic and my home. Odeme keeps it current with a contemporary palette and expressive design for today’s modern woman in the home and on the go. Odeme products celebrate your femininity. They know how to bring fun and fresh to the forefront with their beauty, daily carry, and housewares collections. Sign up and receive 15% off your first purchase. Plus orders over $50 ship free!

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Let your home reflect you:

I have a vintage and seascape inspired decor style with a blend of modern mixed in. I want my home to reflect and fit me. I really appreciate beach and ocean vibes paired with vintage pieces. I use driftwood, seashells and sea glass I’ve collected and hang seascape inspired art on the walls. I like to add charm to my home by creating side tables out of stacked vintage suitcases. I also display old books and vintage cameras I’ve collected. Since I want it to feel fresh and current adding in modern elements is key. To keep things current bring in greenery. Plants in your house brings a freshness and liven up any space. I love having big leafy green plants greet me right in my entry way. If you don’t know what to decorate start small. My decor is a reflection of what inspires me, what calms me, and what fires me up. For example, I feel refreshed at the beach so I’ve brought elements into my home to give it those renewing tones and feel. I love photography and antiques so I decorate with a collection of vintage cameras. My grandparent’s home is like this. Wall tapestries, pictures, art and trinkets from countries all over the world. It tells a story of them and their life. Ask yourself what inspires you, calms you, or excites you? What in your home tells your story?

Have you found these tips on how to create an inviting atmosphere in your home helpful? I would love to hear how you create an inviting atmosphere in your home. Leave me a comment and share your best tip!




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