Starting off the New Year with Passion

Naomi Irons
4 min readJan 4, 2021
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This is the year to start off the new year with passion. Last year I bought a beautiful new planner for the year. I was hopeful for 2020. And looking to all the possibilities the year had to bring. That planner went 100 percent untouched, buried in a stack and forgotten. I can’t say that I found myself even thinking to use a planner this year.

I found it and at once felt sadness over the waste of this hardcover book in the prettiest soft blue. I began to wonder why I had let stress, overwhelm, and even apathy at times creep in. It’s always easier to look back and realize we wasted our time and emotions on what is out of our control. What if I had focused all that energy of creativity and building something beautiful and worthwhile?

For 2020, I’ll never know. But, for 2021, I can approach the year with a new mindset! And I mean to do that. I’m starting off the new year with passion!

“Be fearless in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire.” — Jennifer Lee

I believe we have a longing inside of us to pursue our passions. Passion is a powerful driving force. We long to do something worthwhile with our lives. We want to look back with pride on how we lived our lives.

W​hen our lives our lacking passion it shows. I think a lot of the time we translate this to having a job we are passionate about. But, I don’t think that has to be the case. Yes it would be nice to spend our days how we want and still pay the bills. But that isn’t always possible.

W​e can still live full and passionate lives!

Enrich your life.

Start by asking yourself, w​hat makes your life feel full? Is it learning? How about spending time with people? Do you like going on adventures? Or do selfless acts of kindness bring you joy?

Pay attention to your mindset and attitude. A​s you make time and room in your life for what brings you joy, you will begin to adjust your attitude. Our mindset play a significant role in our lives.

T​here are great ways to enrich your life. Taking time to edify our lives by filling it with what bring us joy is important. Reading a good book. Cooking dinner for friends and family. Helping out a family in need. Getting regular…



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