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When it comes to customizing the look of your site widgets play an important role. They house blocks of content on your WordPress website. Widgets have different functions depending on the type of content.

Common widget locations are at the top, sides and bottom of your site. Widgets support the framework out side of a page or post. So they do not go inside the page or post content.

You can add text, html, newsletter forms, menus and more to a page or post with a widget. If you look to the right side of this post you will find…

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I love beautiful images! I could sit for hours and look at stock photography sites admiring all the amazing photographers and the beautiful images they have created. Today I’m sharing 10 stock photography sites that are pure eye candy.

Whenever possible I try to take my own photos. But some days you are short on time or need a photo you can’t take yourself. There are so many amazing sites out there with free stock photos! With so many great free stock photos available your only problem is going to be having too many photos to choose from.

The following…

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This is the year to start off the new year with passion. Last year I bought a beautiful new planner for the year. I was hopeful for 2020. And looking to all the possibilities the year had to bring. That planner went 100 percent untouched, buried in a stack and forgotten. I can’t say that I found myself even thinking to use a planner this year.

I found it and at once felt sadness over the waste of this hardcover book in the prettiest soft blue. I began to wonder why I had let stress, overwhelm, and even apathy at…

“A person should set his goals as early as he can and devote all his energy and talent to getting there. With enough effort, he may achieve it. Or he may find something that is even more rewarding. But in the end, no matter what the outcome, he will know he has been alive.”

- Walt Disney

What excites me about goal setting is that it’s a great tool to help you prioritize things. When I start to set goals I think about exactly that, priorities. I ask myself what am I passionate about and what’s really important to me…

By Naomi K Andrews

I can’t make it through the day without using an app. Do you have a phone full of apps? It seems like nowadays there is an app for everything. It’s a little mind blowing to think you can do everything from your phone. Email, banking, social media, blogging, photography and so much more. There are all sorts of fun, useful and helpful apps out there. …

Do these five key things to spark your creativity today.

[Originally published on the Happily Dwell blog.]

Creativity fires me up and fills me with passion. Anxiety drains the life right out of me. How much more wonderful to use our imaginations for beautiful thoughts. Creativity is such a gift. We all have our own unique creative imaginations and ideas. Everyone is creative. For some of us creativity is expressed through art, music, writing, crafting, how we decorate our homes or style our outfits. Creativity is not cookie cutter. For others creativity is in taking a photograph, planting a garden…

There was a burn in my lungs and an ache in my legs as sweat poured down my face and back. Why had I chosen this again? What had possessed me to take up running and join my high school cross country team?

Every runner starts at the beginning. The first step. The first block. The first mile. The first race.

My beginning months of running were far from enjoyable but with each day, each mile, each practice, each training and each race I became a runner. I went from struggling through a mile to consistently hitting five most practices…

It was one of the best days of my life and then it wasn’t. I’d spent a fun morning exploring uptown Minneapolis with a friend. We’d visited the Walker Art Center (one of my favorite museums), wandered through the Sculpture Garden and marveled at the beautiful Basilica of Saint Mary. I was spending the night at a friend’s house watching Pride and Prejudice when the call came. The call that changed my world forever.

The minute Sunday hits that feeling of your weekend ending before it even began starts to sink in. It’s Sunday, which means tomorrow is Monday, which means weekend over. Or it could mean you have one whole glorious day of your weekend left to soak in.

I work every other Saturday and have Mondays off so my weekends aren’t exactly traditional. My Sunday mornings start off with church and socializing. My favorite kind of Sunday is when I don’t have any afternoon plans and I can be home for the rest of the day. The introvert in me is ready…

Having a happy, warm, and cozy home is the best feeling ever. A home that invites my guests in from the moment they step through the door is always my goal. From family and friends to first time visitors I want them to feel at ease and comfortable in my space. I’m so excited to share how I create an inviting atmosphere in my home. An inviting home reflects you and communicates to guests this is a place they can be themselves too. I’ve watched other women create inviting homes, felt welcomed in and put at ease by their hospitality.

Naomi Irons

Do It Yourself projects enthusiast. Celebrating creativity everyday. I’ve been killing it in the organization arena for over 10 years.

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